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1995 saw the birth of a new creative media company, BTA active. Forged from exceptional talents, rock solid expertise and fueled by a vision: produce sensational, innovative design solutions and smashing successes for clients world-wide.

True to their vision, the past decade has brought this dynamic firm vigorous growth. Evolving through the use of a pro-active and ambitious approach to every medium and creative demand, BTA active leapt to new heights. Pursuing, and utilizing, cutting-edge technologies honed their design capabilities razor-sharp, allowing them to consistently provide over-the-top services to their clients. BTA active fans the flames of lucrative potential for every client, in every project.

Marketing strategies, tempered by over 14 years of successful trials, are the proven core of the BTA active suite of design services. Comprehensively creative media solutions, unique to each client, are woven from this substantial matrix.

An artistic force, BTA active is driven to translate your corporate concept, mission and identity into vibrant website, graphic design, advertising and video/multimedia statements that will fire defined response and trigger exclusive action. Extend your management capabilities—customer relations, project/sales tracking, operational efficiency—through BTA active development of applications, quintessentially refined through in-depth analyses of your corporate needs.

BTA active industry expertise, design clarity and interactive media finesse assure a stimulated market response, specifically reactive to your company or product, and primed on an intuitive level for positive decision making.

Join our 14th Anniversary celebration—hop aboard for the fantastic ride into a new decade. Join us, and meet your challenges at unprecedented levels. Ignite ambitions, invigorate growth, and transform your horizon. Join us—BTA active—your partner in prosperity.

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